Reap the Benefits of Partial Dentures

Nobody enjoys having teeth missing, right? That’s why so many people turn to dental experts to find solutions for their tooth loss. When looking at solutions, you may be surprised at just how many options you have available to restore your smile and bite function. One option popular with dental patients is getting a partial denture installed.

Partial Dentures – An Overview

Partial dentures are customized to the patient and can be an excellent alternative for patients who do not want, or do not qualify for, dental implants or fixed bridgework. Partial dentures are removable and fill in spaces in between healthy teeth, using a base colored to match the gums to give them a natural look.

Removable partial dentures use a clasp, which is attached to the natural teeth being used to hold the denture in place. They have several advantages that you may enjoy, including

·    Easier chewing and speaking

·    Shape of face is maintained

·    Decreased risk of periodontal disease

·    Prevent misalignment or shifting teeth

·    Ease jaw tension and stress

Options for Partial Dentures

There are a few kinds of removable partial dentures in McKinney you may choose from, two popular once being implant retained and cast metal.

Implant Retained

partial dentures in McKinney

Implant retained partial dentures are attached to implants, which keep them in place. This partial denture option is highly comfortable, feels smooth and functions like regular teeth, has no visible clasps, and fits in seamlessly with your other teeth.

Cast Metal

Cast metal partial dentures are strong and use a metal framework to keep replacement teeth in place. They’re easily customizable, comfortable, stable when placed in the mouth, and durable.

Ask your dentist about what the best option may be for your teeth as well as your oral health in order to find the best partial dentures for you.